photo by Keith Mitchell

N. M. Cedeño lives near Austin, Texas and writes mystery short stories and novels. Her mysteries vary from traditional mysteries, to suspense, to science fiction in genre.  Her romantic suspense novel, All In Her Head, was published in 2014 by Lucky Bat Books. Her science fiction mystery A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy was published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine in 2012 and nominated for best short story in the 2013 Analog Readers Poll. The story tied for third place in the poll. Her second novel, a near-future mystery entitled For the Children’s Sake, was published in 2015 and selected for a book award by the East Texas Writers Guild in 2016. She is currently working on her Bad Vibes Removal Services Series which includes two sets of shorts stories and the novel, The Walls Can Talk. More short stories and another novel in the series are coming soon.

Trivia for the Curious:

The N stands for Noreen, an uncommon name in Texas, but not in Ireland, (and apparently also common in Pakistan, according to information received from my neighbor).  The M stands for Marie, a very common name in multiple languages and countries.

Although she lives near Austin, the author has also lived in Houston, Dallas, Plano, and Amarillo. She is a native Texan.

N. M. Cedeño attended the University of Texas at Austin as a Plan II student. Plan II students were, at that time, known as “the Undecided” or “the double majors who never sleep” depending on how well they were able to direct their curiosity.

The author is married and has three children, a German shepherd mix-breed dog, and a red-eared slider turtle, who are all native Texans, too. The husband, however, is not a native Texan. He got here as fast as he could, so we forgive him for being born elsewhere and for speaking something other than Texan as his first language.